Bottom Of The Ocean – Missing you

It’s been in the past for a while
I get a flash and a smile
am I crazy still miss ya baby
it was real it was right
but it burned ur heart to survive
where did the love go
I don’t know
when its all set and done
how could I be loosen you forever
after all the times we spent together
have to know why I had to loose you
now you’ve just become like everything I’ll never find again
P.s. you cant shoot an arrow through a broken heart.

Wishing You Near – Words for Widower

To realize
That time is so dear
When you are no
Longer here

I cling to memories,
Sweet memories
That bring you near

If only
I could touch you again
Without bringing back the pain
Feeling your presence
That you are not really
Very far away
That would us bring back
The aura and magic
Of being again

I know you are
Just a whisper away
(By Nick Alcantara)

A New Path – Words for Widower

All I wanted
Was to spend more time
With you
But what I got
Was only a precious few

At least I tried
To make the most
Of what was left
Plans diverted
Too many hurdles
Never made it
To desired stage

Sorry, not much choice
Although it hurts
Life must go on now

Even without you
I must continue
The life that never was
And forged ahead
A new path
Guided by your
Eternal light
And undoubting love
Forever you are always in our hearts.
(By by Nick Alcantara)

Last Night I Had A Dream – Words of Sympathy

Last night I had a dream that you really left me
In this dream I begged to please not ever forget me
I’ll tell you how it began, so this is how it starts
You sat on my bed with tears in your eyes and your hand over my heart
You asked me what I was thinking about at the same time I asked why you were crying
You looked at me and said The doctor says I’m dying
I asked you what you meant and how this could really be
That my father up above would take you away from me
I said NO, this isn’t real, just when I’ve found the one
Baby, Please, I’m sorry for everything I’ve done
Tears rolled from my eyes and landed on your hands
You said Sweetheart, Please, just try to understand
That no matter where I am, on earth or up above you
I’m here for you forever and I’ll always love you
I asked you how long you had left to live but you said you didn’t know
Exactly one week later I cried and watched you go

(by Lisa G. Rodriguez)

Love Lingers – Words of Sympathy

Love lingers. Her perfume
I smell all around me. Her voice
I hear soothingly in my dreams
where she still lives. Her touch
awakens my skin and my soul.
Her smile is etched in my mind
where it warms my heart. Her pain
speaks to me of her courage, the
strength of her last days. Her
gentleness is reflected in those
who gave her care. She vanishes.
And I am overwhelmed with grief.
But her love lingers
and gives me strength.

(by Richard Fife)