Insipid – Sympathy lyrics

Song Name : Insipid
Artist Name : Sympathy (Band)

Cast to the earth, the sages have told
The great deceiver the serpent fo old
Is bound to the earth to wander its planes
Inflicting his darkness, increasing his throne
Deepest regions infected below
Performing their rites in abyssal realms
Hiding themselves from the all seeing eye

Now is the hour of reckoning
Now shall the powers be unsurped
Now the axe stands readied to fall

Scourge of the ages
Rendered now insipid
Deposed and feeble traitor
Reign forever impotent

Your kingdom stands in turmoil
Your Rebellion is undone

All that remains is now cursed
Harbinger of the impending warth
Reflected upon the anguished skies
Unveiled within the barren soils
Upon these earthly planes
No baleful scion can stand

The kingdom of this world
Had become the kingdom of our God

Scourge of the ages
Rendered now insipid
Deposed feeble traitor
Reign forever impotent

In Mine Own Image – Sympathy Lyrics

Song Name : In Mine Own Image
Artist Name : Sympathy (Band)

with anthropomorphic certainty
I enthrone my deity
inevitable reality
raised within mine own mind
in the resemblance of me
god is my will’s extrusion
it is I who has created him
and my will shall be done
should I not worship him
and so honor myself

and when I bow
I praise the one
to whom I give

the pleasure that I feel in worship is my own
the prayers of my heart are offered to myself
how could I not
create myself as god
the substance of my faith is grounded in desire
the essence of my faith is the form of myself
how can I escape
this emotive state

I adorned myself with jewels
with gold and finery
clothe myself in purple
I raise myself an altar
petition my desires
there is no god unless I am he

Immolation Of The Dragon : Sympathy Lyrics

Song Name : Immolation Of The Dragon
Artist Name : Sympathy (Band)

You await your final hour
With fear you loathe the end of days
Each moment you’re closer to your grave
Infected spirit, filled with angst and dread
Accusing demon, your end draws high

Unbound restless
Serpent of hate
Consume the lifeless
While the furnace you await
Venomous viper
You’ll live eternal death
In Hell’s fiery pit

The Bride will rejoice
When she sees your fate
Cast to outer darkness
Your torment won’t abate
For the Lamb has defeated you
As he hung dead
And the Lion will destroy you
And will do as he has said

Forgotten Temples – Sympathy Lyrics

Song Name : Forgotten Temples
Artist Name : Sympathy (Band)

[Music: Jeff Lewis, Lyrics: Derek From]

The altar stands before me now
Familiar stones cry out my name
Beckoning me to draw myself near
Tempting me with the lust of my youth

Thoughts resigned to the past
Resurface now illicit only pain
The fervor that once filled my heart
That broke me and drove me insane

Their faces now haunt my every thought
Passion and manipulated youth
A debt that can never be paid
And I was the willful pawn

These hands that grasped for the truth
Were given dire wormwood instead
This mind that sought only peace
Became an engine of war

I became the grinding death
An instrument of deceit
Filled with a passionate rage
The mask I wore became me

I am not what I once thought I was
I am not who I once thought I was

Enslaved By Depravity lyrics – Sympathy Lyrics

Song Name : Lyrics to Enslaved By Depravity
Artist Name : Sympathy (Band)
[Music: Jeff Lewis, Lyrics: Derek From]

This shard of glass reflects only poorly
The terror that I have become
Its razor edge elicits longing
Beckons of release from pain

The memories are a plague to me
My regret destroys respite
Ghostly figures accuse me of my sin
And no release can there be

Offering confidence
Offering certainty
Offering complete total sleep

No choice remains
Driven unto murder
Consumed with a burning rage
That makes me stronger
It gives me purpose
A captive bound to serve and die

I am the beast that does its bidding
I am the monster I abhor
I sanctioned death. Yet I’m the instrument
Fulfilling the will of others

Offering confidence
Offering certainty
Offering complete total sleep

Now in my cell I pray for death
Now that my mind is awake
Now in my pain a deep remorse
For what I’ve done

Bathe now my wounds my love
Rest my head on your hate
I taste your blood on your lips
The crimson of my regret

Now in my cell I pray for death
Now that my mind is awake
Now in my pain a deep remorse
This shard of glass finds my flesh

No more confidence
No more certainty
Only exhilarating freedom

And All Flesh – Sympathy Lyrics

Song Name : And All Flesh
Artist Name : Sympathy (Band)

I am not conditioned. I still feel pain;
Of a thousand knives in my flesh;
Hanging from the meat covered walls;
Skin stretched tight caught in hooks.

Freezing beneath northern skies;
Burning at the touch of flame;
Tasting fetid sickening smoke;
Hear the beast that calls my name.

Prisoner and captive of a failing war;
I am condemned to die;
There’s no escape from this scene of my demise;
Here nailed upon these walls.

Freezing beneath northern skies;
Hear the beast that calls my name

The cold embrace of decaying hands;
Grasp my body once again;
Putrid breath from cadaverous mouth;
Bathe my wounds in its filth.

Stripped of my footings;
The foundation of my soul is upended.

Deluded by pain and
By the concept of mankind’s demise;
I draw forth the beast;
That resides deep within my heart;
I unleash the soulless haunted scathing;
Fury from within me.

Freezing beneath northern skies;
Burning at the touch of flame;
Tasting fetid sweet the scent of death;
Hanging caught by hooks in my flesh;
Smell the rotting odor of war;
Hear the beast that calls my name.

Bearing The Pleague – Sympathy Lyrics

Song Name : Bearing The Pleague
Artist Name : Sympathy (Band)

My flesh bears the plague;
unleashed by man;
corruption prevails;
consume this body with decay;
its tendrils are lithe;
piercing within;
to the spectral heart of man;
my mind burns with fire;
unbound in my soul;
corruption prevails;
to fill my heart with hate;
is it disease;
or is it become;
inseparable from me?

Enslaved to the passion
ignited within;
tasting the power
of this depravity.

Am I
Am I the master
of my own destiny;
Am I
Am I the pawn
of this plague that I bear;
have I
have I be born;
as the
as the scion
of hate
of my hate
and this infirmity.

My flesh writhes with disease;
my mind rots with dementia;
my will embraces desolation;
the love of decay consumes me.

Ascendency – Sympathy Lyrics

Song Name : Ascendency
Artist Name : Sympathy (Band)

I am given power;
I am given strength;
Ancient forces dwell in me;
I have drank of knowledge;
I have embraced wisdom;
Deep secrets upon aeons.

With strang ecstasy;
I embrace the hope;
Of a certain rebirth;
To awake with the fathers of old.

That wich once was hidden;
Now seems clear to me;
I am reborn.

Take me down to the ancient graves;
Of those who passed this ember;
That has burned into me as a fire;
I will shroud their tombs whit honor;
I will name them among the blessed;
For their faith has been instilled in me;
I have taken all the offered;
I am now their incarnation
For thier God has come to dwell with me;
I have taken oaths as they did;
I am sealed as once they were;
I am an ascendent progeny.

Adorned In Apostasy – Sympathy Lyrics

Song Name : Adorned In Apostasy
Artist Name : Sympathy (Band)

City of man, built by thieves, arrayed in splendor;
stealing away the souls of men for your own pleasure;
casting down their spent lives, you eat their flesh;
consuming all, redeeming none, filled with death.

Church of wealth, built by blood, filled with pain;
raping your own little ones for cursed gain;
cannibal, entrap your prey, consume your fill;
helpless, they relied on you to protect their youth.

have you not secured the lowest regions of hell;
have you not secured the lowest regions of hell;
has this not ensured your endless torment.

The distraught you leave in your own wake of chaos;
they shall one day arise and rip your flesh;
then will their angels rejoice in their justice;
on that day will the grave take the apostate;
that day shall wounded souls deal their torment.

Do not go unto her all you who are weary;
for your soul shall find only decay, torment, disease and ill;
nor offer to her your soothing comforts;
for evil has purchase of her heart and she has become forsaken.