Baby Baby – Death Poem

Baby Baby you said you would stay forever
But baby now you are gone and everything is hollow
Baby Baby you said you would love me until your last breath
But baby now i am on my last legs breathing my last breath

Baby Baby the house is empty and my soul emptier still
No thoughts,No emotions nothing but the still of my shadow
All i do is go from room to room in search and in vain
I stand before the mirror to see you in me
for all i was and am is you and because of you

Baby Baby the bedroom is now a shrine
Candle light,highlight your eyes and smile
But every step without you is a mile
And dying to be with you seems better than living without you

But Baby i am hanging on and going on
For you,ours and she is still a baby
She smiles like you,has eyes like yours
And her tender grasp reminds me of your touch

So Baby i will go on for our Baby
For it is your breath in her and your shadow in her
And sadly my shadow and reflection in her

So Baby watch over us for we need you more than ever
I stand by the window in the pink and oranges of the dawn
And every ray of light reaching me touching me is you
My Baby,My angel and so here i am waiting
Waiting,waiting and the waiting goes on

(© s.satish kumar)

Mirrors & Windows – Sympathy Poem

Look at yourself in a mirror!
The reflection that looks back
to greet you, is the same face
you show the world. This is
the one face that knows you best
understands what you seek.
An indifferent world, may yet
seek to understand you, to
stand by your side, to hear
what your face advocates.

Now, look out the window!
Gaze upon a world of faces
as if an eagle’s perspective
allows you to see all, and
your heart’s attention
allows you to witness
each pair of urgent eyes.
Seek to understand, what
each face shows the world
to advocate for those faces.


Author Notes
PROMPT- I want your thoughts on Sympathy Empathy and Pity. it can include all 3 just one. It can be random thoughts on the subject, experiences, I don’t care, I just want there to be creativity and emotion.

Inspired by one of my favorite quotes:
If I am not for myself, then who will be for me?
If I am only for myself, then who am I?
And, if not now, when?

Hillel the Elder (1st century biblical scholar and sage)

Madness – Death Poem

Late nights I sit, chair by the fire, with burning desire.
Drunk on the darkness
Tipsy on twilight.
I am alive, oh so alive
and I am dead, dead as the stone walls enclosing me,
holding me, the bright embers scolding me.

Not a sound punctures the silence, no sight interrupts blindness.

I’m alive, I am dead, I’m alive, I am dead
I am, I am, I am

A sound descends
Just one notes, hanging in the air
Teasing, pleasing, easing.


Maddening, maddening!

And then another, below it
and then another, above it

Soon a symphony is playing

And it’s madness, madness
Chaos, Anarchy, Blasphemy, Suffering!

Head is spinning, ears on fire, mind BURNING
Oh God!

Then one note, singing, singing, singing

Soothing, Gentle, Beautiful.

It fades, It’s gone

I’m alone.

I am dead, I’m alive, I am dead, I’m alive

I am dead, dead as the stone walls that enclose me
The embers that no longer scold me.

Smoke is all that is left, gone with the first subtle breeze
departing, fleeting, flying.

Gone, Gone, Gone

(Pomen Written/Submitted by Aaron Raphael)

Goodbye Valentine – Sympathy Poem

The fourteenth settles its garments:

tulips, smiling redly in their
little pea-coats; an assembly
of lavender spears: soldiers
in lilac suits. Everywhere
is an avenue of roses
and candy-faced carnation;
the white spray of baby’s breath
in soft fern; occasional wheel
of daffodil. Women forgive.

Men are stiff with consecration.
The day is a dawn of cornflower
twirling its bluest skirts—
something in me feels that colour.
(Poem Written by Allyce May)

In Memory of My Sister – Sympathy Poem

Too many friends have died this year,
But I didn’t think it would hurt this much.
Instead I have cried many tears,
We always kept in touch.

You will never be forgotten my sis,
In my heart you will always dwell.

I’ve cried many tears these past few days,
Talking to your family,
When they told me about you,
My eyes began to swell.

Flowers are blooming in a sunny garden,
But never die when nights here are cold and long
But in my heart’s that broken,
They will bloom in heaven on and on.

Your flying up there in heaven,
No more suffering, no more pain,
Your soul now at ease,
While here I miss you deeply,
And I cry and I grieve.

You are walking the golden streets of heaven,
From now on there you will dwell
You are at peace,content
I miss you so much, my sweet sis,
(Sympathy Poem Written by Susan Vessels)

Sympathy Poem by a Little Girl

Didn’t I say all this before?

You can’t cower all of life
The door remains closed
Until you open it wide
Mind shock, fast it sews

Joining together your
Courage and freedom
That once laid about
In shreds, free ’em

Come laundry day
Time to take charge, girl
And choose your outfit
To look at the world

Don’t go to the beach
Just to kneel in the sand
Crying through fingers
To catch drops in hand

Remember what you’re
Wearing, bravery sweet
Feel the world pains
Run into the ocean deep

Stand among sorrow waves
Stormy lighthouse ground
There, see clearly now
Oceanic atolls surround

See how the colder souls
Rest at the endless bottom?
The sympathy of the sun
Can’t reach, to stock them

It’s your job to root deeply
Like a wild boar looking
For the gems in rich soil
Rarely catching and hooking

You live in the embrace of
Sunbeams, now help others
Find their sunlit fate
In sunken shipwreck clutter
(By Celia)

Most Precious Dear Loving Mother – Child Grief Poems

I need to publish this poem
For all the world to read
I know there are many out there
Who feel this kind of grief.

Perhaps they ask those questions of guilt
The ones with which we now must deal
Hoping we get all the right answers
The ones that will help our hearts to heal.

I held her hand and spoke softly
As she slowly faded away
The things I prayed she needed
To once again hear me say.

Most precious, dear loving, Mother
We’ll be together, again some-day.

I told her I will ‘always’ remember
The many times she pulled me through
That I couldn’t have made it without her
I prayed she would know I was speaking the truth.

I didn’t want to give her up
I needed her here, with me still
But I wouldn’t try to hold her back
For the Father, had spoken His Will.

Her eyes were closed for sometime now
Her breathing, so shallow
I could feel the weight, in my chest
As I spoke the last words to her
I could only watch, as she took her last breath.

My tears are still flowing
The heartache refuses to go away
But I know we’ll be united in Heaven
And never more to stray.

I held her hand and spoke softly
As she slowly faded away
Most precious, dear loving, Mother
We’ll be together, again someday.
(By Wanda S. Collier)

The Ninth Pallbearer – Child Grief Poem

It was so sad,
With a tear in every eye,
To see this little lad,
We had all came to say goodbye,
The day they buried his Dad.

By his young bride,
She had chosen eight,
To assist in her husband’s final ride,
Heaven had called him, aged almost
twenty eight.

This little lad,
His only son, aged seven,
So very sad,
There to send his Dad’s body to heaven.

This we know is true,
For this soul so very new,
Taken before his time,
For no apparent reason or rhyme.

This promise kept,
As the family wept,
Life is eternal,
As written in God’s Journal.

The courage of this lad,
Even him so very sad,
Yes, his courage makes one glad.
The day they buried his Dad.

His mother had chosen,
Brave men, eight,
With others in sadness frozen,
Stepped the bravest so his Dad would
not be late.

With four on each side,
Came this little boy,
For him there was no joy,
For his Dad was on his final ride.

At the lead,
Came this lad with courage,
To carry his Dad,
During this sad entourage.

I will not lie,
For put a tear in my eye,
To see this little guy,
Who was trying not to cry.

His Mom picked eight,
For with the Lord his Dad had a date,
But with his sure gate,
His Dad surely would not be late.

With the Lord his Dad had to dine,
This Pallbearer number nine,
This Grandson of mine,
With courage divine.
(By Dale E. Harmo)

A Child’s Grief – Sympathy Poem

Lord you care so much
For the tears of a hurting child
Who has felt the grief of tragedy
Now no longer wears a smile

Unable to clearly express
How much he’s hurting inside
Not fully understanding the pain
Nor knowing the reasons ‘why’

He wants so much to reach out
To someone who will listen
Someone that can hold him close
And respond with godly wisdom

For he just needs a grown up
To know what he’s going through
But often we don’t realize his grief
Because we are hurting too

Let him know you care Lord
And will be there when we’re not
The emptiness he feels within
May be filled with you oh God

May he know you as a father
And know you’re by his side
To come and wipe his tears away
When alone he silently cries

Hold him in your arms Lord
So he will be at peace
Allow us all to give him time
In dealing with his grief

For tears may last all night
But joy comes in the morning
So let him grieve throughout the night
For a new day will be dawning.
(By M.S. Lowndes)