Madness – Death Poem

Late nights I sit, chair by the fire, with burning desire.
Drunk on the darkness
Tipsy on twilight.
I am alive, oh so alive
and I am dead, dead as the stone walls enclosing me,
holding me, the bright embers scolding me.

Not a sound punctures the silence, no sight interrupts blindness.

I’m alive, I am dead, I’m alive, I am dead
I am, I am, I am

A sound descends
Just one notes, hanging in the air
Teasing, pleasing, easing.


Maddening, maddening!

And then another, below it
and then another, above it

Soon a symphony is playing

And it’s madness, madness
Chaos, Anarchy, Blasphemy, Suffering!

Head is spinning, ears on fire, mind BURNING
Oh God!

Then one note, singing, singing, singing

Soothing, Gentle, Beautiful.

It fades, It’s gone

I’m alone.

I am dead, I’m alive, I am dead, I’m alive

I am dead, dead as the stone walls that enclose me
The embers that no longer scold me.

Smoke is all that is left, gone with the first subtle breeze
departing, fleeting, flying.

Gone, Gone, Gone

(Pomen Written/Submitted by Aaron Raphael)

To Keep a Shadow – Sympathy Poem

How do you hold on to a shadow?

How do you keep it by your side when the sun sets?

Do you lure it back with promises of a sunny day?

Or simply say goodbye, as she fades away?

Goodbye Valentine – Sympathy Poem

The fourteenth settles its garments:

tulips, smiling redly in their
little pea-coats; an assembly
of lavender spears: soldiers
in lilac suits. Everywhere
is an avenue of roses
and candy-faced carnation;
the white spray of baby’s breath
in soft fern; occasional wheel
of daffodil. Women forgive.

Men are stiff with consecration.
The day is a dawn of cornflower
twirling its bluest skirts—
something in me feels that colour.
(Poem Written by Allyce May)