She Hides Her Face – Sympathy Poems

She hides her face
when shes not alone
she wears a mask,
but its not her own

It’s everyone else
she wants to be
Be just like them
supposedly free

Free from the troubles
the troubles of life
free from sin
and worries and strife

But when night time falls
and she climbs into bed
her mask falls apart
and her heart fills with dread

She screams and she cries
but no one can here
she wants them to know
know all her fear

Her fear of facing
a world with no mask
afraid they wont like her
afraid they wont ask

So she waits for the day
with hope in her heart
when she’ll wear her own face
and make her new start
(by Melantha Abraham)

Suicide Room – Sympathy Poems

I sit on the white cot, gently I slide my fingers across the gentle baby blue material of a blanket that drapes across my lap.

I look across the room and see a white toilet and sink, I see a steel chair and table. Atop the table I see flowers’ from my mother.

Red and yellow with lively green leaves. Slowly I push aside the blanket and rise letting my bare feet patter across the stone floor.

Standing next to the table I lean down and let myself breath in the sweet fumes of a red flower, thinking of my mother and her kind ways.

Then I remembered how she let them take me, to this awful place.

Anger surges through my veins. I pick up the vase and let it glide through the air to the stone wall.

The glass breaks and the memories take me back. I fall to the ground sobbing, the memories hurt.

I think back to my first day in this room. I remember looking at the guard, I remember his words, Welcome to your suicide room. I pick up a large piece of glass and easily slide the glass across my wrist, nothing happens its not deep enough.

Then I stop and think, is it worth it? I’ll never know. I press the glass deep into my wrist, the words Welcome to your suicide room echo in my head. Then darkness overcomes me

(by Amber C. Shields)

Oh, Troubled Soul – Sympathy Poems

OH look at you, you troubled soul,
your mind so heavy, so dim.
The bonds that held you then, still hold you now,
and your heart grows cold and grim.
The sadness I see in your eyes
will not, cannot pass on.
So your soul cannot survive
and soon it will be gone.
This is a burden I cannot carry
and you cannot pass on.
This is a burden you must carry trudging on all alone.
I fear for you, oh troubled soul.
The weight, i fear, is to great.
I fear for you, oh troubled soul.
For you, now, it is too late.
(by Heidi R. Stinemetz)

How Could You – Sympathy Poems

All I can do
Is sit alone in my room
Thinking of you
How could this be you are not here with me
When I gave you the best of me
I face each day without a smile
And life seems so unfair
I feel like I want to die
Cause you didn’t give me a last good-bye
I’ve waited weeks for your call
I’ve waited here by the phone
But when the silence grew long
I knew something was wrong
Right then I knew it
How could you do it, tear my heart in two
There is no more blue in my sky
Only cloudy mornings
And these tears like rain you left behind
All of those memories in the corners of my mind
I start looking at us
At a picture of us in a frame
And I start to cry
Cause I can’t see us apart
Oh God, can you help me with the pain I’m feeling deep down inside
Tell me it’s not true
Will I have to spend
The rest of my life without you
How can I get through this pain of losing you
(by Amberr DeCent)

Forgive – Sympathy Poems

I remember the day like yesterday
When I looked into your heart,
I thought I saw forever,
But forever fell apart.
I never knew this day would come,
Not in a million years.
That I would be sitting here without you,
To wipe away my tears.

I never believed you’d kill yourself,
I thought it was a joke.
Till i heard the gun go off,
My heart leapt to my throat.
Nobody understood what happened,
Nobody really knew why,
I was the only one who knew you wanted to die.

I told myself it was meant to be,
But i knew it was a lie.
The thought of living without you,
Still makes me cry.

So I’m sitting here without you,
Four years since that day.
The day the boy I was meant to love,
Went so very far away.

I seem to love another now,
Just like you said I would.
But life here without you,
Still isn’t very good.

I know you’d be so proud of me,
To see how much I’ve changed.
I’m learning to trust again,
To break away the chains.
The ones that held my walls so tight,
That no one could get in.
I’m learning to love myself again,
I’m learning to Forgive…
(by Amber D. Shipler)

Not So Very Long Ago – Sympathy Poems

Once upon a time
Not so very long ago
I lost my brother Randy
To suicide, you know.

In a lonely motel room
Just a few miles down the road
He gave his life to God that day
To unburden a heavy load.

His life on earth was 38 years,
Too young to cry so many tears.
His heartaches were too much to bear,
For dark clouds had followed him everywhere.

Once upon a time,
Not so very long ago
My precious brother Randy
Decided to let go

With pictures of his children
who were kept away from him
He gazed upon their beloved faces
As the barrel was brought to his chin.

And in that final hour
As all hope disappeared,
His tears began to shower
Down his face of 38 years.

In his deep depression
One thing he failed to see…
His life was very precious
to Mom, Dad and me.

Once upon a time
Not so very long ago
Randy chose to leave us
Thought he knew we loved him so

Along with his life, he took our hearts
And shook our very souls
Leaving us with the crumbled pieces
To grieve our loss forevermore.

Once upon a time,
Not so very long ago
Randy found the peach he sought
In God’s loving arms, you know.

Brother, You are forever
in my heart and thoughts
and sadly missed by sissy

Written in loving tribute to my brother Dana R. Gubaci (Randy)
May 3, 1963 – July 4, 2001
(by Teresa Callahan)

Silence, Silent but Never Silence – Sympathy Poems

Many said I camouflaged it well
Only after discovering
my silent suffering
Silent but never silenced enough
The silent suffering I endured
Alone, leaving what appeared
Silent to be well known within me
Silent and hidden
Silent but not silent enough
The pain exists deep down within me
Silent, never silent I think not
A heart that weeps
Silently weeping in the dark
Hoping no one sees me
Silent, Never
Stomped on, used as a sponge, broken, tugged on, and jerked at
A heart, I do have
And treated as if I have none
A heart that’s far beyond repair
Silent, this is the hearts only way
To cry out
Silent, I think not
Silent, they said I camouflaged it well
My suffering well hidden but
Silent never,
It cries out
But no one seems to hear or see
Only the ones that some how saw
The silent suffering
Silent but never within me
Silent, can’t you see
This is my heart speaking
Help me
Silent, never silence
Silent, I’m suffering
(by Kimberly V. Dunn)

A Suicide’s Lament – Sympathy Poems

Silence is the enemy,
and at once, my greatest friend.
But when is all this silence,
and my fear to end?

My struggles have been long and hard,
at times, a frantic flight
From the dangers in the darkness,
seeking light.

How does it remain so hard
to reach the point of knowing?
How can this stagnation end,
and my soul rekindle growing?

I know that I am weary, for I feel my loss of light.
That lets the shadows strengthen in my ever ebon night.
The power of my soul to climb above such mortal care
Is fading, taking with it the life within my air.

So, I breathe deep, with passion, savoring the power
That does remain, while I await Death’s appointed hour.
Now comes the dagger, sharp and sleek, quickly from the mist,
And I, from sheer frustration, raise an angry fist.

As onward flies the dagger, toward my heart of stone,
I know my final words will fall in silence, all alone.
And I feel peace, and freedom, as the blade doth come to rest.
Without pain, I shudder, as I spend my final breath.

Too late, I see
that God has dwelt inside of me,
And I, in sin,
launched the blade that now rests in
His heart.
(by Ronald Hatton)

After Their Death – Sympathy Poems

You might be covered
by eyelids closed
over your whole being,

or reach with desperation
for something alive
to hold onto.

Your fingertips will hide
in a fist. No more palms
open to life.

Humbled, the very ground
will seem so large. Someday
the earth will own you.

Or you see theres no time
to waste, and plow
into previously feared goals.

Try to be patient
if it takes you years
to return.

This is the exit from Eden,
when you have chosen life
while wanting to die.

This is the fall that gives
wisdom, perspective, gratefulness.
It is worth the crawl, back to life.
(by Judith Pordon)