Suicide Room – Sympathy Poems

I sit on the white cot, gently I slide my fingers across the gentle baby blue material of a blanket that drapes across my lap.

I look across the room and see a white toilet and sink, I see a steel chair and table. Atop the table I see flowers’ from my mother.

Red and yellow with lively green leaves. Slowly I push aside the blanket and rise letting my bare feet patter across the stone floor.

Standing next to the table I lean down and let myself breath in the sweet fumes of a red flower, thinking of my mother and her kind ways.

Then I remembered how she let them take me, to this awful place.

Anger surges through my veins. I pick up the vase and let it glide through the air to the stone wall.

The glass breaks and the memories take me back. I fall to the ground sobbing, the memories hurt.

I think back to my first day in this room. I remember looking at the guard, I remember his words, Welcome to your suicide room. I pick up a large piece of glass and easily slide the glass across my wrist, nothing happens its not deep enough.

Then I stop and think, is it worth it? I’ll never know. I press the glass deep into my wrist, the words Welcome to your suicide room echo in my head. Then darkness overcomes me

(by Amber C. Shields)

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