I Miss You Daddy! – Words of Sympathy

Dear God, I need to know why did you take him above?

His name is James Royce Henry, He is someone that I loved.

He was my Daddy, I was his little girl.

I miss him so much since he left our family.

It’s a horrible nightmare to be sticken with cancer,

There are so many questions no one can answer.

If I had one more chance, I’d hug him real tight.

I’d tell him I love him and kiss him good-bye.

This poem is not perfect it’s just how I feel.

I miss you Daddy, my pain is real.
(by Mary A. Henry)

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  1. this is the most touchinh poem i’ve heard. my dad lives in new york and he owns a house in rittman, ohio. i live near rittman but sadly, everytime he’s home, he don’t bother to ask for my sister and me to come over anymore.

  2. Dear Jennifer,
    I read your response to “I Miss You Daddy!” and my heart goes out to you.
    Just remember – it is his loss.
    Keep your chin up and be strong.
    Maria – SA

  3. i know your pain. cancer, oh cancer. we do not understand. my only comfort is that i know that my dad is in a wonderful place called Heaven and I will see him again one day. thank you for sharing this.

  4. oh god i was wondering why you took my daddy up there he was my bestfriend i was only 9 and didnt really know what happened but now i do…you must of tooken him a way for a very special reason.
    but if i had a chance to tell my daddy something i would HOLD him real tight and say iloveyou with all my might come back soon daddy i need you in my life

  5. Dad? you left me when i was a baby im now 16 i will search for you for the rest of my life until the day i die , i love you so much and you dont realise i love you with all my heart and everynight i look across the city knowing your near and i hear my heart beats its like im the only one who knows what im going through i keep my feelings to myself it wont be soon until they come out ill find you even if it kills me

  6. your poem tells exactly how i feel.. my dad just died recently because of cancer. He sufferred for almost 3 yrs.. And now God ended his agony.. i should be thankful to God but how come i cant accept it.. Im in terrible pain that no one can ever heal what im feeling right now. I miss him so much! Everyday i cried.. I remember those days he sufferred a lot in the hospital. I cant imagine how i stand it everytime he’s in pain… Oh God! i dont know how am i gonna be like this..

  7. My Dad also died of Cancer.
    Your poem, it really touched me, I felt like it was coming from me..everyday I regret not saying goodbye.
    This is a beautiful poem.

  8. im 14 now daddy.
    big girl , growing up , getting good grades, dancing my socks off for you angel. you were never ment to leave. your fight was long ! but daddy your pains gone now like they all say. they all tell me your better now, but how can you be better without eveyone here?! Granddad followed weeks after and came and had a cup of tea!i hate saying i miss you cause ino you miss me more.im so glad you marrid mummy two weeks before that big guy took you from me.Your eyes shinned for hours on that day…. i think about you every day i honestly do daddy. mummy is doing soo well. as you can seee (: Riah’s behaving and making you proud. i no i been a pain in the ass but im trying daddy i promice. theres so many people who ive met recently i would have loved for you too meet :/ . but ino your there watching <3 i need you. i miss you. i love you .
    imaa carry on with my life and make you proud ! like you told me todo! i love you angel , kiss granddad for me yeah ?! LoveYOU! SLeep forever tight untill the day you kiss me goodnight <3 your babygirl (L)

  9. daddy. you died when i was young. and i miss you so so so much. i wish you was still here :/ your always be in my heart. always a plce for you. no one will ever take your place. wish yuo was here for one more day. so i can make tthe most on what im missing out on. i love you daddy.

  10. Dad, you were my Best Friend:) and i was 11 when you left me.. i know you couldnt help it. you gave everything you had. And God knew the best.. even tho im crying… i’ll always think about that smile:) and know your in a better place:) with God:) and thats all i could ever ask for. you mean everything to me. i love you, i miss you, i look up to you. you fought and fought and fought. you did everything you could.. Dad i dont know what to say.. i never thought something like that could happen to me. but i guess heaven was needing a hero:) someone like you:) i miss you& i love you& mama loves you..where getting big:) boys boys boys daddy:)i think you’d have a heart attack;) even tho u wont be there to see my kids someday.. i’ll know you’ll be watching:) and i’ll make sure they know everything about you!!!! i know you always said i cant die i’ve got three little girls to raise… daddy dont worry about me:) im doing fine:)

  11. I lost my dad December 18, 2010. I am a 14 year old girl and it is so hard without having my dad in my life. I try not to think about it but it’s hard knowing he won’t be there for me. I always gave him “butterfly kisses” and we always listened to the song “Butterfly Kisses”. We said it was our song. I listen to that song at night when I miss him because it makes me feel closer to him. He was my best friend. He was always there to support me and he loved watching me play sports. I can’t hear him yell my name when I’m on the field or court ever again. I will always miss him and I know he is here with me.

  12. miss your laughter papa, your beautiful smile, the long talks we use to have, and your hugs. all of this was taken away from me.
    i pray for your soul papa, so that you may spend eternal life with our creator. I LOVE YOU PAPA.

  13. dad i’m feeling guilty that i cannot give you what you wanted before you died and right now i;m missing you so much and hoping i could make you lough for just one more but i think it’s too late. i love you dad please forgive me.

  14. Mark: never feel guilty. you gave him what he wanted, you!!!!! I lost my dad on 9.29.11 and I miss him, too.

  15. i just lost my Dad on October 31,2011. He was my Best Friend. I miss him so much. Someone please give me some advice on how to stop this pain. It hurts so much. I love You Daddy!

  16. Dad, you are my hero.. Its been 2 months since you passed away.. days are passing .. everyday before going to sleep I’m praying to god and begging him that when I wake up the next day I should realise that what all happened for the last two months should be a night mare.. and daddy u should be with me .. I wish this was a night mare.. It’s been almost 2 months I’m praying god.. but I’m not getting what I want.. I will wait for ever .. but one day I wish this entire life would become a night mare and I will get up in the morning by wishing you( my daddy) good morning and start my day…daddy life is like hell without you.. you are so good that you have arranged everything for us.. but what can we do with all this without you.. you are my life.. you are our life.. how can we have a life without life( you)..missing you daddy… god has taken away you and separated us.. I had trust on god.. but after losing you I lost hope in god and in my life also .. its horrible to think my life without you.. you are the best thing happened to me ever.. daddy I wish I will be with you some day.. I love you daddy I love u so much…

  17. Dadddy , you left me when I was 12 . & im 16 . Its been a while . I miss you so much . You was my bestfriend . & I told you everything . You know momma wasnt really there for us when we was younger . & Now that your gone , I feel like I dont have anybody . . I used too turn too you for anything & everything . I just wish you was still here with me . This is when I needed you the most . If you could just come back one more time , I would take it , even if loosing you over & over again . Its worth is all .I love you so much <3
    4.20.08 /:

  18. My dad died December 20, 2006 and today is his birthday and he didn’t die of cancer but I miss and love him so very much he was my best friend he would always break stuff just to fix it!:) and I’m almost 16!

  19. Momma we all love your poem and we miss him to but he is no longers suffering. He watches over us from heaven. I love you momma

  20. I’m not ready for goodbye,
    Nor so long or see ya later.
    Not ready for the end,
    Not ready for this reality….

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