How Could You – Sympathy Poems

All I can do
Is sit alone in my room
Thinking of you
How could this be you are not here with me
When I gave you the best of me
I face each day without a smile
And life seems so unfair
I feel like I want to die
Cause you didn’t give me a last good-bye
I’ve waited weeks for your call
I’ve waited here by the phone
But when the silence grew long
I knew something was wrong
Right then I knew it
How could you do it, tear my heart in two
There is no more blue in my sky
Only cloudy mornings
And these tears like rain you left behind
All of those memories in the corners of my mind
I start looking at us
At a picture of us in a frame
And I start to cry
Cause I can’t see us apart
Oh God, can you help me with the pain I’m feeling deep down inside
Tell me it’s not true
Will I have to spend
The rest of my life without you
How can I get through this pain of losing you
(by Amberr DeCent)

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