Forgive – Sympathy Poems

I remember the day like yesterday
When I looked into your heart,
I thought I saw forever,
But forever fell apart.
I never knew this day would come,
Not in a million years.
That I would be sitting here without you,
To wipe away my tears.

I never believed you’d kill yourself,
I thought it was a joke.
Till i heard the gun go off,
My heart leapt to my throat.
Nobody understood what happened,
Nobody really knew why,
I was the only one who knew you wanted to die.

I told myself it was meant to be,
But i knew it was a lie.
The thought of living without you,
Still makes me cry.

So I’m sitting here without you,
Four years since that day.
The day the boy I was meant to love,
Went so very far away.

I seem to love another now,
Just like you said I would.
But life here without you,
Still isn’t very good.

I know you’d be so proud of me,
To see how much I’ve changed.
I’m learning to trust again,
To break away the chains.
The ones that held my walls so tight,
That no one could get in.
I’m learning to love myself again,
I’m learning to Forgive…
(by Amber D. Shipler)

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