Ascendency – Sympathy Lyrics

Song Name : Ascendency
Artist Name : Sympathy (Band)

I am given power;
I am given strength;
Ancient forces dwell in me;
I have drank of knowledge;
I have embraced wisdom;
Deep secrets upon aeons.

With strang ecstasy;
I embrace the hope;
Of a certain rebirth;
To awake with the fathers of old.

That wich once was hidden;
Now seems clear to me;
I am reborn.

Take me down to the ancient graves;
Of those who passed this ember;
That has burned into me as a fire;
I will shroud their tombs whit honor;
I will name them among the blessed;
For their faith has been instilled in me;
I have taken all the offered;
I am now their incarnation
For thier God has come to dwell with me;
I have taken oaths as they did;
I am sealed as once they were;
I am an ascendent progeny.

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