And All Flesh – Sympathy Lyrics

Song Name : And All Flesh
Artist Name : Sympathy (Band)

I am not conditioned. I still feel pain;
Of a thousand knives in my flesh;
Hanging from the meat covered walls;
Skin stretched tight caught in hooks.

Freezing beneath northern skies;
Burning at the touch of flame;
Tasting fetid sickening smoke;
Hear the beast that calls my name.

Prisoner and captive of a failing war;
I am condemned to die;
There’s no escape from this scene of my demise;
Here nailed upon these walls.

Freezing beneath northern skies;
Hear the beast that calls my name

The cold embrace of decaying hands;
Grasp my body once again;
Putrid breath from cadaverous mouth;
Bathe my wounds in its filth.

Stripped of my footings;
The foundation of my soul is upended.

Deluded by pain and
By the concept of mankind’s demise;
I draw forth the beast;
That resides deep within my heart;
I unleash the soulless haunted scathing;
Fury from within me.

Freezing beneath northern skies;
Burning at the touch of flame;
Tasting fetid sweet the scent of death;
Hanging caught by hooks in my flesh;
Smell the rotting odor of war;
Hear the beast that calls my name.

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