LIFE – Prayer for Special Help

LIFE – Prayer for Special Help
Life is just a stepping-stone, a pause before we make it home.
A simple place to rest and be, until we reach eternity.

LIFE - Sympathy Poem

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Dont Want to Look Back Dear Past, Pls Stop tapping me on the shoulders. I Dont Want to Look Back.
Sympathy Remove Ceasless Sufferings Sympathy does not think.  It acts. It acts to remove the ceaseless sufferings of the world.
Wrecked – Sympathy Poem On this island, I sit here on my own, the slightly cool sand that imprints me, also trickles out of the fist that is my hand, and buries my toes. ...
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Death brings pain Time can Heal Death brings pain that time can only heal no words could ease what we truly feel but with GOD, her joy is eternally sealed And cherish her memories...

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