For Ginger…Rest In Peace…

So many nights I came home to you
knowing you would always greet me
with smiles through a wagging tail

never let me be to sad for to long
always helped me through
tough times and happy too

Loved the very sight of you
sqeaking that toy
always made me smile
always knew just what to do
even when I didn’t

brown eyes so sweet and full of life
slowly lost their light
sat with you through your pain
like you always did with me

hurt my heart so deeply
to see you in such pain
all I wanted to do
was help my faithful friend

and even when you wern’t yourself anymore
caused from all the sickness
I never loved you any less

tears filled my eyes
when they told me what was best…

so hard for me to leave you just lying there
staring up at me with pain filled eyes
difficult to know the right thing to do
putting you to rest

Didnt want to lose you from my life
didn’t want to see you in pain any longer

Drove you there in a daze
staring at you every few moments
my heart breaking in pieces
as we arrived

Sat there with you at the office
wanting to turn around
as you softly whimpered
I couldn’t bare the sound

You fell asleep so softly
as my tears fell down like rain
I thanked God above
that you were no longer in pain

So, as I lay you down to rest my best friend
I know your watching over me still
with your love-filled brown eyes
shining brighter than ever now

Memories will keep you here with me
I will always love you dearly Ginger

(Written/Submitted by Lisa Jazmine)

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