In Memory of My Sister – Sympathy Poem

Too many friends have died this year,
But I didn’t think it would hurt this much.
Instead I have cried many tears,
We always kept in touch.

You will never be forgotten my sis,
In my heart you will always dwell.

I’ve cried many tears these past few days,
Talking to your family,
When they told me about you,
My eyes began to swell.

Flowers are blooming in a sunny garden,
But never die when nights here are cold and long
But in my heart’s that broken,
They will bloom in heaven on and on.

Your flying up there in heaven,
No more suffering, no more pain,
Your soul now at ease,
While here I miss you deeply,
And I cry and I grieve.

You are walking the golden streets of heaven,
From now on there you will dwell
You are at peace,content
I miss you so much, my sweet sis,
(Sympathy Poem Written by Susan Vessels)

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